Spring Cleaning

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I made a comment on Plurk recently that I have decided is really the truth … The current state of my inventory has been part of the cause of my blogger’s block! In addition to my general bad habits of inventory maintenance, I’m a sentimental type, and I still have items in my inventory from my various earliest days in SL! So I’m thinking that my first step back into SL and blogging must include some spring cleaning and updating.

Fortunately, what is sometimes a chore, is also sometimes a surprising joy! Deep in the bottom drawers of my inventory, I ran across this wonderful motorcycle jacket from Purple Moon. I have no recollection of buying it or receiving it — but it is definitely an item that is right up my alley. I’m crazy about jackets of all kinds, and love outfits with a little edge to them. This jacket is still available at Purple Moon, and comes in a bunch of color combos — some of them a little unexpected — but all beautiful.

I’m still quite crazy about the Sylvia skin from Glam Affair. I think it might be the most “me”, since Giselle (now retired). This is the tone from last month’s Collabor88 — but you can find the Jamaica tone (great for summer!) of Sylvia in THIS month’s Collabor88… which is where I’m going as soon as I can get in!

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