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As some of you know, I’ve been pretty much on a hiatus from Second Life for more than the last year and a half. Even before that I was active on another avatar for a couple of years. I’m feeling like I have a little more time and energy for SL now, but have found that my inventory is in out-dated disarray, with a few hidden gems (I never really stopped shopping)!! As I begin again my quest to bring some order to the mess (and make room for new things), I had a couple things I wanted to share with you all.

I unearthed this lovely wintery dress from coldLogic, and thought it would be the perfect casual outfit for hopping around the grid this holiday season. Mesh clothing items are a dime a dozen these days, but it is still surprising to me that you need to search out really high quality mesh clothing. coldLogic does mesh really, really well, and I’m always confident in purchasing from them. In order to keep this post at a reasonable length, I’m just going to give you the short list of what I’m looking for with mesh clothing. Texturing is still hugely important, and that includes appropriate shading so that it doesn’t look like I’m wearing some hard stiff shell. I look for garments that are textured on the inside as well as the outside. Seriously — why are there still people who aren’t texturing the insides of garments?? When I have a little gap between my body and the garment, I don’t want to see the other side of the sim through it! Linings can camouflage so many of those pesky fit issues that are genuinely hard to work around. I look for a garment shape that is pleasing to my eye and seems to echo my build. I look for a well-made and thoughtful alpha(s). I’m sure there are many finer points that some of you have on your lists, but these are things I consider pretty basic. coldLogic does all of these things so well, and I’m happy to do my part to support them 😉

If you, like me, have some New Year’s resolutions to tidy up your inventory, you might want to check out the deal that Carlyle Theas currently has out for the Wardrobe. She’s offering a 30% discount through the gift vendor in the inworld main store (thru Christmas, I believe). That brings the price down to something that’s a little more workable for a lot of us. You can read about the Wardrobe on Carlyle’s blog, and if you google it, you can find various blogger reviews of the product. I use it myself and have found it to be a great tool, even if you use it for only a portion of your inventory. At the current discount, I’m thinking I’ll get a copy for my alt that holds a lot of my home and garden inventory (sure — you can use it for anything!).

Dress: coldLogic dress –
Ring: MG – Ring – Venus Wild Clasp
Earrings: Glam Affair – Joy Earrings ~ Tiffany
Skin: Glam Affair – Sylvia Jamaica
Freckles: [Stellar] Freckle Face Tattoo
Eyes: IKON Lucid Eyes – Optimism (XS)
Lashes:[[Mozz]] Lashes – 04
Pose: Diesel Works

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