Winter Solstice


[CIRCA] has a lovely new winter room collection for this month’s OMG! event, running ’til Jan. 24. It looks to me like these pieces would coordinate beautifully with most of the winter pieces [CIRCA] has released this season. In my part of the world, the winter snow is just now really hitting us, so I’m definitely in the mood for snuggling up in a cozy corner! I’m a sucker for a crackling fire. The collection has a fairly modern feel, but mixes beautifully with more traditional pieces.

At OMG! Gatcha Event:
[CIRCA] – “Winter Solstice” Chalkboard Frame – Winter Comfort by Cherelle Capra
[CIRCA] – “Winter Solstice” Rattan Ball Lights – Tan by Cherelle Capra.
[CIRCA] – “Winter Solstice” Floor Cushion – Seat A by Cherelle Capra.
[CIRCA] – “Winter Solstice” Modern Fireplace – Frost/Grey RARE by Cherelle Capra.
[CIRCA] – “Winter Solstice” Highback Beanbag Chair – Frost RARE by Cherelle Capra
[CIRCA] – “Winter Solstice” Ribbed Area Rug – Frost
[CIRCA] – “Caspian” Cast Iron Wall Planter – Leafy Mix by Cherelle Capra.
[CIRCA] – “Ever After” Floral Teacup Set – Yellow (display) by Cherelle Capra.
LISP – Mesh – Anna Floor Lamp Orange
PILOT – Larkin Set – Cactus Planter by Kaz Nayar.
~silentsparrow~ Carny – Dodo! Sitting by hyasynth Tiramisu.
floorplan.&Willow. apothecary books by Tegan Serin.
Toronto-Bedroom books&glasses by Ria Bazar Mavendorf (Ria Bazar).
Botanical – *Seasonal Boxwood Hedge* by Kriss Lehmann.
[CIRCA] – “Savanna” Leafy Plant Stand – Short by Cherelle Capra.
Kalopsia – Books Pile by Isabeau Baragula.
Scarlet Creative Anya House 1 by Charlotte Bartlett.

I’m wearing cozy yoga pants and a sweater from Blueberry~

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