Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

dance like nobody's watching

I love to dance in SL … with a partner or alone, line dancing, romantic dancing, or sexy dancing — its all good! Although I often rely on the venue to provide the dances, its always a great idea to have along a few of my own tried-and-true moves, in case the ones in the dance ball don’t suit me. And — sometimes I like to just dance around my own house in my underwear [yes — I really do!]

Sync’d Motion is a new-to-me Motion Capture Studio, but I know they aren’t brand-new to the grid, and you’ve likely seen them around at events. I don’t really know anything about what goes into making dance animations — but it seems like these folks are doing something right. The dances are trendy and energetic, and the movement is wonderfully realistic, fluid, and mesmerizing to watch! I’m afraid my current skill set doesn’t include making videos of these animations, so I’ve linked you up below. And of course, you can demo the dances at events or at their main store.

The dances I picked up, and took the still shot from, are the Love dances, currently at The Crossroads event.

Sync’d Motion Videos on Vimeo
Sync’d Motion’s YouTube channel
Sync’d Motion Facebook Page


Hair: Truth ~ Posy
Tank Top: Blueberry [past group gift]
Briefs: Erratic

Trompe Loeil – Aveline Kitchenette {A}
Skye Warehouse Loft
Soy. Cardboard Box Cart

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