The Home & Garden Expo 2017 is underway!

The Home & Garden Expo 2017 is underway!

The 2017 RFL in SL Home & Garden Expo is in full swing, with loads of items to help you redecorate and refresh your environment … or to help you put together your first home! With 9 sims full of home and garden goodness, I expect there’s something for everyone.

One of the joys of an event like the Expo is getting acquainted with some new-to-me designers. I know that over time, I tend to gravitate toward a few tried-and-true stores, but there is a whole world of great talent out there! So stay on the lookout for those new finds, that will make your space more interesting to you.

Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of the post for help finding a particular store. Happy Shopping ~


*Items at the Home & Garden Expo – Hope 7 – See link below to find a specific store

*Suitcase Chair: by Dekute Dekore. Prim: 1.
*Suitcase Side Table: by Dekute Dekore. Prim: 1.
*Wood Tiles – Hope Only Lives Here : by Dekute Dekore by Prim: 1.
*Birds by Cleo Designs. Prim: 3 ea.
*Planter Daisies – Marble Purple & Pink MCt. By ~Lantian/Flox~. Prim: 3.
*RFL Rainbow Rug 1 by Peppered with Love. Prim: 1.
*Mid-Century Tapered Teak Floor Lamp by THEORY. Prim: 2.

KittyCats – LoveBirdS ~ Hopelessly Devoted. Prim: 15. [2016 Love Collection]
Saltwater Cottage by Thistle Homes. Prim: 12. [Builder’s Box May 2017]

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