Summertime! Home & Garden Expo 2017


Nothing says “summer” like a three-day weekend, a little sunshine, and a BBQ! The BBQ and the picnic blanket are Xplicit’s donation items at the Home & Garden Expo this year. Each piece includes a plethora of animations for singles, friends and couples. I, of course, chose to lounge on the blanket while a friend mans the grill!

If you will also be enjoying a three-day weekend for Memorial Day, there’s no better time to wander the grounds of the Home & Garden Expo. Check out the links below to find your way to a particular store, or just wander aimlessly and enjoy the sights~

*Items at the Home & Garden Expo – Hope 7 – See link below to find a specific store

*Xplicit Picnic blanket
*Xplicit Barbeque Grill (c) by Jodi Morane.

[CIRCA] – “French Garden” Wine & Cheese Platter
[CIRCA] – “SunnySide” Lunch Picnic Basket
Pewpew! Albion Old Abandoned House
Jian – Ash Tree (Large)
:Fanatik Architecture: GRASS

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