Review Policy

Yes! I do accept and appreciate review copies. I also review things I like and have bought myself. In addition to featuring a particular designer, I will often use and credit your work in Looks-of-the-Day posts, or in Mix-and-Match posts, theme posts, and so on.

Due to other commitments, I am not often the first blogger on the scene at an event (unless you give me advance copies — then there’s a chance!). However, I feel that it can be very effective to blog a release after the initial furor has died down, to remind folks of your fabulous work, and to give consumers new ideas of how to wear or use your piece(s). With so much great work coming out all the time, out-of-sight is often out-of-mind.

If you send review packs, just be sure to include landmarks, your name, your store’s name, and any other information you think I should have. I love to include little tidbits in my review about:

  • the designer [i.e. a RL artist/designer, self-taught with a passion for fashion, etc.],
  • or about the store [brand new store, rebranded, established retailer, etc.]
  • or about the designs [hand-drawn, sculpted details, inspired by X, etc.].

These are the kinds of details that I think breathe life into a review, and spark the interest of fashion consumers :) .

One of my many philosophies of life is that it is far too short to be unkind or to lie. That means that if I don’t particularly like your stuff, for whatever reason, I will not say I do — but neither will I publish a poor review :) If I don’t care for your work at this stage, I would prefer to say nothing about it in public. I’ll be happy to share my feedback with you privately if you wish.